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A Fortunate Event with Neil Patrick Harris


With yellowed teeth, a hooked schnoz, and hair that looks like it’s about to take flight, Neil Patrick Harris is practically unrecognizable in his latest role, the eccentric Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events. This past fall, the Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor invited Prizeo donors to support the American Theatre Wing to win a trip to Vancouver on join him on the set for the second season of the hit Netflix series.

The fortunate winner, Georgina from the UK, found out about the experience when Harris posted about the campaign on his Instagram account. Her reason for donating? “Neil Patrick Harris is one of my favourite actors playing the villain from one of my favourite book series and I think that the charity was a great choice for this campaign,” she says. “The American Theatre Wing does a lot of good work that’s related to the career path I want to follow, and I believe that everyone they help deserves it.”

When she found out she won, the first person she told was “my mum. She’s normally the first to know everything.” Georgina donated “a lot,” but she never thought she’d win. “I thought it was unbelievable! I was completely and utterly amazed.” In fact, it didn’t sink in until “we were traveling to the airport, when I knew we were really going.”

Georgina flew to Canada where she and her dad were put up at the Shangri-La Vancouver Hotel, one of her favorite aspects of the trip. “The stay in the hotel was amazing!” she says. “We didn’t expect the hotel room we had and loved every minute.”

But her favorite part of the experience? “The people.” Visiting the set, Georgina met Neil, who was in full costume and makeup for his scenes that day. She also got to meet some of the other A Series of Unfortunate Events cast and crew, “and they welcomed us with open arms. Everyone was amazing and so, so friendly!”

Georgina had never donated to a Prizeo campaign before, “but I definitely will again,” she says. She even has advice for donors still on the fence—“Go for it! Even if you don’t win, you’ve donated to a good cause, which is an amazing thing!”

We couldn’t agree more.

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