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Earn Free Prizeo Entries with Badges


When you donate on Prizeo to win an amazing experience, you’re helping a great cause, so you’re already a winner in our book. But what if you want to earn more chances to win that grand prize? By participating in our new online Badge program, you’ll earn free entries and do even more good for the participating charity. Win-win!


You’ll earn this badge by making three donations to any single campaign. In return, we’ll give you 500 free entries!


Make five donations across any five campaigns to earn this badge, and you will earn 1,000 free entries.


Use your unique link to get five friends to donate. You’ll earn the Prizeo Socialite badge and receive 2,500 free entries!
Prizeo Ambassador badge


Earn this badge and become a Prizeo Ambassador by raising $100 for a live campaign from your family and friends. In return, you’ll earn 2,500 free entries.

As you can see, there are many ways you can earn free entries. So donate and share. You could win big AND further support worthy causes!

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