11 6 / 2013

Meet the BLEEPING Winner of Our BLEEPING Samuel L. Jackson Contest!

All good things must come to an end — even Samuel L. Jackson’s Prizeo campaign, sadly. Following an eventful six-week run that was highlighted by Jackson’s monologue-reading contest on Reddit — a highly-publicized (and amusing!) stunt that resulted in more than $150,000 raised in three days for the actor’s benefitting charity, Alzheimer’s Association — the time has come for Prizeo to declare a winner. 

And the lucky fan who we’ll be flying to England for a VIP weekend that includes lunch with Jackson himself is … Tyler Walden (below) from Portland, Oregon!


"I am mother-bleeping excited to meet him in person!” says the 31-year-old SaaS (Software as a Service) architect for Portland’s Jive Software.

Tyler will be taking his sister Teagan on his trans-Atlantic adventure, which includes a luxury break at hotel, spa and golf resort The Grove, London’s country estate in Hertfordshire, England, where they’ll be Jackson’s special guests at his Shooting Stars Benefit Gala Dinner and hobnob with his celebrity friends. Plus, they’ll get to break bread with the Breaking Bad monologue reader himself!

“I really enjoyed the Breaking Bad monologue, but as Samuel said, he is no Walter White!” jokes Tyler. “I have not the foggiest idea what I’ll talk to Samuel about — at this point, I’m still trying to figure out what to wear!” Tyler calls Jackson “one of my most respected actors/philanthropists/all-around badasses,” and his favorite film, “hands down, would have to be Pulp Fiction. However, I also really enjoyed him in Unbreakable and Sphere.”

Tyler decided to contribute some cash to the fundraising effort (proceeds go toward finding a cure for Alzheimer’s) after hearing about it via Jackson’s Reddit post, a stunt that sent an avalanche of visitors to Jackson’s Prizeo page. “I budget a percentage of my monthly income for charitable donations, and after reading a bit about the Alzheimer’s Association, I went for it,” he says. “If it’s a good enough cause for SLJ, it’s good enough for me.” 

He discovered he’d been chosen at random out of tens of thousands of entries upon receiving an email from Prizeo: “I actually thought it was a well-targeted spam message until I looked at the other people cc’ed and realized it was the real deal!”

Congratulations to Tyler — as well as Teagan, who may get to see someone else very special while she’s in England: “She is engaged and will be married to a wonderful gentleman from the UK later this summer.”

P.S.: Congratulations are also in order for Michael Anthony Valdez of Salt Lake City, Utah, who was the biggest individual donor to the campaign, giving $2000 and with good reason. “I’m a young man, and recently I lost both my mother and my grandmother.,” he says. “I’ve discovered that life can be painful. I already lost, but maybe my small contribution can help save the life of another.”


Meanwhile, Marco Guerrero of New York, was the campaign’s top sharer on Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy your Jackson-autographed DVD, Marco!