15 10 / 2014

Isabella’s Day with Ed Sheeran: “The Best Way to Celebrate My Three Year Anniversary as Cancer Free”

*Guest blog from Ed Sheeran winner Isabella!

The best way to celebrate my three year anniversary as cancer free.

Where do you begin to tell about a day like this? I’d like to start off by saying thank you to everyone involved in this, everyone from Prizeo, LetsFCancer and from Ed’s Team. Of course also a special thanks to Yael Cohen Braun and Ed Sheeran himself.

I’d like to start by saying, that three years ago on this day, I was declared healthy from cancer. This is the reason I originally donated and it meant a lot to me just to contribute. Winning was never an option. And when I recieved the email late last year I thought someone was pulling an evil prank. I waited a couple of hours and when I saw my face on Prizeo’s website I screamed for two consecutive hours.

Everyone is like “COME ON GET TO THE POINT ALREADY” so I might as well! On Monday the 13th me and my brother were flown to London, we arrived and made our way to the very fancy hotel we were provided. Today, on the 14th, I was picked up at the hotel and brought to Michelin awarded Nobu at Park Lane. I met Yael and after a couple of minutes, in walked Ed!


He hugged me as I was shaking, but after less than five minutes, all nervosity went away. We talked as if we’d known each other for years and the time just flew. After a while he asked me if I was coming to his gig at the O2 later that night. It was sold out, so obviously I said no. “Well, it would be kinda weird if you didn’t come, wouldn’t it?”

So. Not only did I get my prize, but I got more than he was obliged to give me.

We went to the O2 and received both tickets and backstage passes. We went backstage, kicked back and had a couple of beers with Ed and a variety of his famous guests. After the concert, we went backstage again and talked to him and all his guests.


I will never understand how a world famous artist can be so laid back and such a genuine, humble and kind person. This is probably the best thing that has happened to me since being declared healthy.

Thank you Ed for an absolutely amazing day. You are amazeballs.

All the love to you all, all the way from Sweden

x Isabella Klang


14 10 / 2014

Zac Efron Hands His Car Over to His Prizeo Winner!

*Guest blog from Zac Efron’s Prizeo winner Amanda!

Hmmm…..where do I begin? With my delirious excitement when I received an email with the subject line “Zac Efron Winner,” which took me a good 5 minutes to read because I had so many emotions and thoughts going through my head, or should I just cut to the chase?

So here we are in the car headed to meet Zac Efron and I’m trying my best to keep calm. We arrive at the building and walk in and he’s standing right there!! He greets us with a beautiful smile and a hug and the rest is history.

Just kidding, we meet his team, who are very lovely people, and talk about his first car. We all go check out the car and he tells me a story or two about the car. We also talk about other things and it was just so surreal. I’m sitting in a car with Zac Efron….I’m talking to Zac Efron!!! He hands me the keys and tells me it’s all mine!

Zac is such a sweet and gorgeous person and an amazing actor. It truly was a dream come true to get to meet him! I’m happy to say I can scratch this off my bucket list!

I want to thank Zac for being so nice and sweet and for making this once in a lifetime opportunity so enjoyable! I want to thank his team for being so great and so down to earth, you guys are the best! Prizeo, thank you for everything and for teaming up with Zac Efron! This was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

Best wishes to all!! Sending lots of love from Texas!

XO Amanda


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10 10 / 2014

Meeting One Direction Was the Best Day in Winner Alexus’ Entire Life!

*Guest blog from Prizeo winner Alexus!


Meeting One Direction was the best day in my entire life! They were all so sweet! I hugged all of them and Louis was like “How are you?” And Liam said hi. I hugged Niall and Zayn. Harry said something to me but I was so nervous and I was too busy admiring him to understand.

The security thought these two other girls were with me so they almost got in the picture with me but then Harry was like “Ay get out of here!” It was so cute and funny. I almost had to leave but Harry was like “Wait her mom is still getting a picture!” After my mom went to hug Zayn cause he’s her favorite, and then Harry was beside him and he was like “What about me?”

The concert was amazing too!! I can’t explain how amazing this whole experience was! I will never forget it!

07 10 / 2014

Party in Your Town with Bridgit Mendler!

Prizeo friends, we’re flipping things around! We’re working with Bridgit Mendler for Save the Children, but this time, if you win, she’ll come to you and throw a party in your town or school! You’ll be the guest of honor, of course.

Here’s how it’ll work - the first part is the same. Make a small donation to Save the Children, whose mission is to give children a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. And you’ll be entered to win!

If you win, Bridgit will fly to you, wherever you are, and throw an awesome holiday sweater party for you in your town or school. You’ll hang out, maybe do some caroling, and have an amazing time together!

Go to Prizeo.com/Bridgit to enter to win!

07 10 / 2014

Mike’s VIP Weekend with Tiesto

*Guest blog from Tiesto’s winner, Mike Ray!

Music is amazing. It’s got something for everyone, in every walk of life, at all times. Personally, I think the best part of music is that it requires no musical talent to enjoy, which comes as a huge relief after orchestra, band and drunken karaoke did not pan out for me. Despite my own shortcomings at creating music, I’ve come to enjoy what others can do and a lot of the different sides of music — oldies, country, rock, EDM and more.

Tiesto has been one artist that I’ve picked up on in the last few years. It all started a few years ago when my buddy told me to take off of work for a week, crash on his couch and that we would hit up Summerfest. The nine-to-five grind might pay the bills, but it does get tedious, so I was game.

A few days later, I found out that he had bought me a ticket to see Tiesto in the Marcus Amphitheatre because he knew I wouldn’t pay for one myself but he wanted me there, figuring it would be a great concert. He wasn’t wrong. That concert was insane.

Jump ahead to a couple months back as I’m mindlessly roaming the internet as I wait for the next match of whatever game to start up and I stumble across an imgur post about meeting Tiesto and donating to a couple of great organizations: the Global Citizen Festival and the World Childhood Foundation. After reading a few details and thinking about how sweet it would be to get my buddy back by bringing him to meet Tiesto, I donated. Then my game started up, I closed the tab and more or less forgot about it for the next few weeks.

Then one night, I was glancing through my emails and I saw one “Tiesto WINNER” — I figured it was a generic ‘thanks for participating message’ but opened it and read it anyway. As I read and I actually began to process that I had won, my mind started racing, thinking a thousand different thoughts about the concert, traveling, meeting Tiesto. The only thing I didn’t hedge on was who I would bring along as a guest; I called up my buddy and we had all the arrangements sorted out a few days later.

One incredibly slow week later, my buddy and I found ourselves at the airport, early Friday morning before the concert. After a minor panic attack with the air traffic situation, we eventually took to the skies and arrived at New York. This was my first time in the city and even though I had only a little time there, I enjoyed every minute.

Friday night, we were lucky enough to get into a pre-festival party. The floor was packed with Global Citizen representatives and I had the pleasure of chatting the night away, meeting some interesting people.

The day of the festival was a non-stop blitz of activity. After stopping in at a local diner and walking around a bit of the city, we rushed off to meet Tiesto. Traffic got the better of us, but we still managed to get there in time to meet him before he kicked off the Global Citizen Festival. Meeting Tiesto face-to-face was awesome — it was amazing to hear him talk about music and his passion for the Childhood Foundation. Despite being world famous and having every reason to not be, Tiesto turned out to just be a normal person with a passion; realizing that was the best part about meeting him.

After the meet-and-greet, the concert started up, so we made our way and got as close to the stage as we could. This concert was incredible too. From the start of Tiesto, to the end of Jay-Z, being twenty feet away from all the action was mind-blowing.

The end of the concert didn’t mark the end of the festivities though as I was lucky enough to get into the VIP section of the club that Tiesto played later that night. And as great as the festival was, nothing compared to hanging back behind the DJ booth in a crowded, top-floor New York club. I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put into words how amazing that night, and the entire weekend was, but I do know that I won’t ever forget it. Of course, this could not have happened without a lot of effort from Prizeo, the Global Citizen Festival, the World Childhood Foundation and Tiesto. I owe a huge debt to everyone who helped put this together: THANK YOU!

03 10 / 2014

Carolyn’s Lady A Getaway

*Carolyn and her BFF went on a getaway in Punta Cana with Lady Antebellum, and wrote a guest blog to share her experience with you!

Meeting Lady Antebellum was fantastic! Their acoustic concert really blew me away. It was fun and they were very interactive with the crowd. Then the full concert that followed was just awesome. It was so high energy and of course, such great music. We all really loved the banter between Hillary and Charles - especially when she came out for their encore barefoot and remarked about how tall he is.

The other shows were also fantastic. Scotty [McCreery]’s was full of high energy. The young men in the Band Bennett put on a great show and afterwards spent a lot of time with the All Access crowd. They even recorded a short “happy birthday” video for Heather’s daughter - her birthday is next week. And Canaan Smith was also wonderful. The day of the Beach Olympics he spent a lot of time with the crowd and really got into the fun on the beach.

The resort, beach, pools, and especially the entertainment were fabulous. The staff couldn’t have been better or more helpful or organized. Everything was wonderful.

Thank you Lady A, Prizeo, and Musicians on Call for this awesome fan experience!

02 10 / 2014

Want to Take Over Enrique Iglesias’ Twitter?

That’s right. Enrique Iglesias is relinquishing control of his Twitter account during his show in London at the O2 on Friday, November 28th. Why? Because he wants one of YOU, his amazing fans, to live tweet his show for him! Don’t worry if you aren’t in London - you and a friend will be flown out from anywhere in the world to take this on!

We’ll let him tell you how it could be you:

So to recap: basically, if you join Enrique in supporting Action Against Hunger and help them bring an end to child malnutrition, you could win a trip to London for you and a guest to go to Enrique’s concert, meet him, go to soundcheck, and get backstage access and VIP tickets for the show. And then you will take over Enrique’s Twitter and live tweet about your concert experience to his nearly 8 MILLION followers!

Go to Prizeo.com/Enrique now to support Action Against Hunger and to enter to win!

01 10 / 2014

Star in a YouTube Video with Christina Grimmie!

Christina Grimmie wants you to star in one of her next YouTube videos - but first, you’ll grab lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood and discuss your ideas. Then, you’ll head straight to the studio together to make your video!

To enter to win a trip for 2 to sunny LA to hang with Christina and make a video together, join Christina in supporting a cause that means a lot to her - she’ll tell you why, watch this:

So, show some love for City of Hope, and you can enter to win! Go to Prizeo.com/Christina now!

01 10 / 2014

Fun and Games with 5 Seconds of Summer!

Okay, friends. You asked, so here it is! Do you want to hang with 5 Seconds of Summer? 1 of you is definitely going to!


You can win a trip for 2 to LA from ANYWHERE to hang with the guys in their game room, go to soundcheck and watch the show from amazing seats! 

Go to Prizeo.com/5SOS now to read their letter about the campaign, join them in supporting music education with the GRAMMY Foundation, and enter to win!

29 9 / 2014

Skate with Nyjah Huston at His Invite-Only Private Skatepark!

Do you want to skate with a pro? Well, look no further! You could win a trip to Orange County, California to skate with Nyjah Huston at his brand new private invite-only skatepark! 

All you have to do is show some love for Nyjah’s foundation, Let It Flow, which fixes broken wells in countries including Haiti, Ethiopia and Kenya. These wells provide people with access to safe, clean water to drink, do laundry, bathe - and when these wells are broken, they have to walk miles just to get dirty, contaminated water to bring back to their homes. You can help Nyjah fix them!

Watch his video message here, support Let It Flow, and enter to win at Prizeo.com/Nyjah. You can earn some cool rewards too, including signed photos, shoes and skateboards, so be sure to check them out now!