26 8 / 2014

Christopher’s Fantasy Football Pow Wow with Adam Schefter

Prizeo winner Christopher had lunch with Adam Schefter and Carolyn from All Hands Volunteers, and shared his experience with us! Read on:

Lunch with Adam and Carolyn was absolutely fantastic! We had a great fantasy football conversation with Adam, debating PPR vs Standard leagues. And we had the opportunity to learn a great deal about All Hands from Carolyn. A huge thank you to Adam for being so generous with his time!

Everything ran very smoothly. It really couldn’t have gone better. The hotel was wonderful with very helpful staff. Its proximity to the train station (1 block away) really gave us the opportunity to get into the city and do some sightseeing.

Between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, we managed to get to Times Square, 30 Rock, Grand Central, attend a Yankee game, Ground Zero Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and a meal at Carnegie deli.

And we still got in an almost 2 hour lunch with Adam & Carolyn! I know that’s barely scratching the surface of what New York has to offer, but that just leaves more for the next trip!

26 8 / 2014

Prizeo Winner Shelby Sang with Hunter Hayes!

*Prizeo winner Shelby Lynn Thomas hung out with Hunter Hayes and even sang with him during her experience! She wrote about her trip and shared a video with us - check it out:

Hanging out with Hunter Hayes was an experience like no other. I have always been a fan of his music since the day I heard his first record. Being able to fly out to NYC, a big change from where I’m from, and hanging out with him was completely unreal. We got henna tattoos together (his a sleeve, mine a design and his logo on my arm), took pictures together and even sang together.

Prizeo, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to do this. The Grammy foundation, I am so blessed to have made my contribution to your incredible cause for music education.


Finally, Hunter, thank you for being the most amazingly talented, handsome, and all around sweetest man I have ever met. I can’t wait to see you again this fall for your tour and to be able to reminisce on our time in NYC with you thanks to Prizeo!

25 8 / 2014

Miley Cyrus Announces her Prizeo Campaign on the MTV VMAs!

Miley Cyrus did something very special last night for her acceptance of the Video of the Year award at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Her date for the evening was Jesse. Jesse is a 22-year-old homeless man that she met during her visit at My Friend’s Place, an LA-based charity organization that aims to end youth homelessness. When it was announced that she had won the award, instead of going up there herself, she had Jesse accept the award on her behalf and speak about the issue of youth homelessness. 

And she and Jesse launched her Prizeo campaign! Here is all of the info in Miley’s video message:

Want to know more? The New York Times did a great story, and Miley spoke with Ryan Seacrest about it this morning!

So join her in supporting My Friend’s Place and you could win a trip for 2 to Rio to hang out with Miley and have the ultimate VIP concert experience!

18 8 / 2014

Thanking Paul McCartney was “The Biggest Thing I’ve Ever Done for Me”

Prizeo grand prize winner Leslie met Sir Paul McCartney last week in San Francisco! She wrote all about her experience on her own blog, but here are some of the highlights! *Note: They will receive the photo in a few weeks, and we will be sure to post an update when they do!


We were led down onto the field where we met all kinds of folks…it was awesome. Right before soundcheck started, a woman named Shelly came out and gave us the ground rules: no video, no using cell phones except to take photos. Oh also: have a great time and make lots of noise for Paul so he knows we are having a good time. No problem.

Maybe about five minutes later, Paul and the band took the stage. And my mother lost it. She started to cry and she didn’t stop for about fifteen minutes. I just held her. She called my father but all he could hear was her crying with Paul singing in the background. I took a few photos with my cell and then I kicked my shoes off, put my stuff on the ground and just started singing with Paul. It totally rocked! 

Leslie, her mom, and Hunter from Aid Still Required:


I have no clue what he sang…all I know is that I knew every word. Eventually, Mom started singing and dancing too, which was cool, as did Hunter. He is just awesome, totally my new favorite person forever. We had a great time. 

I think soundcheck was an hour. It flew by so fast that it was kinda a blur. I know that at one point Shelly told Mom to stop calling people. I had to laugh. Mom was so excited she couldn’t help herself.  

Meeting Paul:

Hunter, Mom and I were the first three set to meet Paul. We met the photographer, MJ Kim, and he posed us in front of this totally awesome backdrop. He asked us to remove our VIP passes for the photo, and I’m pretty sure he took a photo of just the three of us before he asked:

"Ok, so Paul will have to fit in this photo. Where would you like him to stand?"

The order went: Hunter, Mom and me on the end. And before I knew it, I answered Mr. Kim: “He can stand between Hunter and Mom.” 

My mother turned and looked at me with eyes wider and bluer than I’d ever seen them before. “Oh my God!”

Well, you know, it suddenly occurred to me that, yeah, I won the contest but I wouldn’t have even been standing there if it weren’t for the two people on my right. So, let them flank Paul. It wasn’t like I wasn’t still gonna be in the photo. I think I shocked both of them, though. 

Mr. Kim asked us to stay put and we waited for Paul. He peeked out once and Mom took in an OMG breath. It was cool.  Then, others began to pile into the room and form a line. Mom was busy looking at all of the celebrities and dignitaries and I was doing my damnedest to keep myself collected. It suddenly became very difficult to remain calm, but if knew that if I didn’t I would regret making an ass of myself in front of a room full of people…and Paul. 

Suddenly, Paul emerged from the trailer. I looked over and took in a deep breath. Then I elbowed my mother. 

"Mom, look." I whispered. 

"Oh my God, it’s him." 

I think some switch flipped inside my head and I went on autopilot. Michele brought him over towards us. He met Hunter first. Paul knew all about the contest of course and was happy to meet him finally, I heard him say to Hunter. Paul also said he was always happy to help because there are so many people still in need. Any help he needed, just ask. Then Hunter introduced Mom to Paul. 

He shook her hand. Honestly, I don’t know what Paul said to Mom or she to him because I suddenly realized it was almost my turn. Oh. My. God. I felt like I was going to vomit, but I miraculously remained calm.

"And this is our winner, Leslie." I heard Hunter say and the next thing I knew, Paul shook my hand.

I had about 159,000 things planned to say and millions of scenarios in my head of exactly how this moment would happen. I’ve dreamed about meeting this man for almost my whole life.  Of course, it was better than anything I ever imagined.

"Thanks for winning and for doing what you do." Paul said to me. 

"Thank you, Paul." I said. 

Then he asked where he was going to stand. Mr. Kim directed him to stand between Hunter and Mom.

Mom: “Oh! I get to hug Paul McCartney!”

I swear I saw him crack a smile at that. 

He took three photos and then it was over. Paul thanked us again and I replied; 

"No, thank you so much."

I have wanted to thank him forever. He was my role model, my hero and the biggest influence on me, besides my mother and grandmother. I wanted to thank him for being there whenever I needed him, for often being the only one I felt completely connected to, for inspiring me in ways that no one else ever has or will. I think I managed to convey all of that in just those five little words. At least, I hope I did. Not so much for Paul’s benefit, but because it was what I needed to do for myself. It was the biggest thing I’ve ever done for me. My inner child is grateful.

You can read Leslie’s complete experience (starting from when she found out she was the winner and all the way through the experience) here!

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Want Zac Efron’s Car? It Could Be Yours…

Zac Efron is giving away something very special to him - the very first car he ever owned! He’s doing it for a great cause, and you can help - and maybe win his car, too. And if you do, you’ll get the keys from Zac himself!

So if you want to meet Zac and take his car home with you, head over to Prizeo.com/Zac for all of the details and to enter to win! 

He has put together some cool signed rewards, too. The campaign will benefit Make-A-Wish and Make-A-Wish International.

07 8 / 2014

A Whirlwind Trip with Tyler Oakley

Prizeo winner Jillian is our youngest winner ever! The shy 13-year-old hung out with Tyler Oakley and his BFF Korey in LA, and she tells us, ”Beautiful hotel. Great flights. Tyler Oakley! Couldn’t have asked for anything more. What a fabulous experience! Thank you Prizeo and thank you Tyler!”

Her lovely mother, Kris, accompanied her on the trip, and shared a few details about the experience so that we could share it with you. 

Tyler and Korey picked them up with a car service. The brought some gifts for Jillian too - some autographed items and a t-shirt! They had a VIP dining experience at Taco Bell - there was a table reserved for them, complete with linen napkins, flowers on the table, silverware and a server to take their orders. “We ate, chatted and laughed,” she says.


Tyler and Korey then took Jillian and Kris to the Magnolia bakery for dessert (yum!). Back at the hotel, Tyler signed a few autographs and, amazing guy that he is, made a couple of videos for Jillian’s friends at home!

Kris says, “It was a whirlwind trip, but a once in a lifetime experience, that resulted in Jillian calling it the best day of her life. :-) Both Tyler and Korey were so sweet and kind with my very shy child and she was beyond thrilled with the whole experience.”


06 8 / 2014

Bob Met WHO?

Roger Daltrey, that’s who! Prizeo winner Bob and his wife met Roger AND Joan Jett at their show in Philadelphia! He also got to enjoy the show from VIP seats. He was kind enough to share this with us:

"This was an incredible night that truly rocked in support of Teen Cancer America. Our sincere thanks and continued best wishes to Roger Daltrey, Joan Jett, TCA and Prizeo."


05 8 / 2014

Mentor Lunch!

Prizeo winner VJ had his mentorship lunch with Steve Case!

05 8 / 2014

Danielle’s Dinner with the Lovely Peter Andre!

Peter Andre winner Danielle had her intimate dinner date with him! We love this photo of them! :D

Danielle was kind enough to share this quote with us: “Meeting Pete was a dream come true! The whole experience was fantastic & he is such a lovely guy. I am so happy I won & I will never forget that night!!!!!”

04 8 / 2014

The Best Day of a True Belieber’s Life

*Guest blog from Alyssa, who won Justin Bieber’s Prizeo campaign and hung out with him in a recording studio!

When I first walked in and saw Justin recording I was in shock that I was actually there. I couldn’t believe that I was in the same room as the same person I have looked up to for quite a long time. He was recording his new music and it sounded so amazing!

When he came out to meet me I didn’t cry and freak out but I was happy and content that I was with my idol. It ended up to be the best day of my life and an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget that day and I thank everyone who helped it happen.